7 healthy office snack delivery ideas

Sam Milbrath
By Sam Milbrath
August 2, 2018

We’ve all been here: bored, stressed out, procrastinating or multitasking at work with one hand in a snack bowl. Binge snacking and barely moving for hours are helping add to poor health and obesity in North American workers.

Add that to the fact that Millennial workers are more likely to get free food in the office than receive health care or retirement plans, and we have a problem.

But what if your office snacks were good for you? Imagine, perfectly ripe fruit platters delivered daily or natural cold-pressed vegetable juices ready-to-go in the office fridge.

To help your company make better food choices—and ditch the chip and soda vending machines—here are 7 healthy office snack delivery ideas.

7 healthy office snack delivery ideas

1. Fresh fruit and vegetable platters

Office Snack Delivery

Say no to dehydrated-looking carrots and dip or tropical fruit platters with an unknown sweet dip. If you’re going to order a fruit and vegetable platter, go for farm-fresh, local and seasonal whenever possible. Why not throw in a homemade hummus for your veggies or a thick Greek yogurt with farm-fresh blueberries? Sounds delicious and healthy. Or, if seasonal fruits aren’t an option in the winter, for example, why not order dried fruits and nuts? They’re so snackable.

2. Cold-pressed, all-natural juice

Office Snack Delivery

Next best thing after fresh and seasonal produce is cold-pressed, organic juices. This is a great way to get all of your fruits, vegetables, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients in one serving. Plus, nearly every city that Foodee operates in delivers delicious juices to thirsty offices. All you have to do is choose between the vast array of ingredient combinations—or find a juice that cures whatever ails you.

3. Smoothies

Office Snack Delivery

There’s a time for juice and there’s a time for smoothies. Whenever you want a thicker, richer or even creamier alternative to cold-pressed juices, why not go for a smoothie? I personally love a date, almond milk and banana smoothie, but you could also go for a yogurt and berry drink, for example. Just be aware of serving sizes, ingredients and sugar content—the same goes for juices. Would you normally snack on a banana, 10 strawberries, an avocado, chia seeds and yogurt in one sitting? Perhaps this is a great breakfast alternative, instead. Experts say to choose smoothies with fewer ingredients and more vegetables.

4. Yogurt and granola bar

Office Snack Delivery

This isn’t the kind of granola bar that comes in a wrapper, but instead, a healthy, new type of restaurant that serves various homemade granola, fruit, toppings, and yogurt. This is the kind of bar where you can find health nuts (both kinds) and order office delivery from. Imagine working at a company that provided yogurt, granola, and fruit for all-day breakfast?! We can because we deliver to them. And it’s an awesome snack idea.

5. Nuts

Office Snack Delivery

Nuts are basically chips, but without the trans fats, refined sugars, processing, salt and empty calories. They’re actually among the healthiest snacks you can eat. Nuts are packed with fiber, protein, antioxidants, unsaturated fats and vitamins and minerals. They’re good for your heart, weight loss, and lower cholesterol. Macadamias, cashews, almonds, brazil nuts and walnuts are among the healthiest nuts for various bodily functions. Just don’t go totally nuts on snacking on them because they are fatty (but the good kind). Everything in moderation.

6. Popcorn

Office Snack Delivery

Air-popped, plain popcorn is a great healthy whole grain snack that’s low in calories and high in fiber and antioxidants. Plus, it’s delicious. So we’re not talking about the highly processed or microwave popcorn—or the kind with a wrap-around list of added ingredients. But if you do want to go for toppings, a little bit of melted butter or coconut oil goes a long way for a treat. Or, on special occasions, go for sea salt, cayenne pepper or nutritional yeast powder for flavour.

7. Chocolate

Office Snack Delivery

Chocolate is an ancient superfood that may be associated with many health benefits, such as lower cholesterol, improved cognitive health, lowered risk of heart disease and decreased stress. As with all of the snacks we’ve mentioned, it depends on the chocolate and how it was made. Pure dark chocolate is better for you than a sugary hot chocolate, for example. But, if you find the right kind of cocoa, snack ahead.

Check out what healthy and fun office snacks Foodee delivers in your city.

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