5 Reasons Why Bakin’ Bakery is Not Your Everyday Denver Food Truck


5 Reasons Why Bakin’ Bakery is Not Your Everyday Denver Food Truck

By Ryan Dix
July 14, 2016

Bakin’ Bakery has most people hooked from the moment they hear the name. After all, who doesn’t love bacon? Bakin’ Bakery has everything you would expect from a Foodee restaurant, and to make things even better, it’s all on wheels. But the fun doesn’t stop there.

Here are five reasons why Bakin Bakery is not your everyday Denver food truck:

Reason 1: Local Produce

When you order from Bakin’ Bakery you know exactly where everything on your plate is from. Owner/operator, Renee LaLonde, picks all of her own vegetables, herbs and fruits (basically anything you can grow locally) at a farm just outside of Boulder.

Reason 2: Meal on Wheels

How Renee got her food truck was almost as interesting as the story behind her food. After years of being denied by banks and traditional money lenders, Renee decided to try one last thing.

Renee began a GoFundMe campaign and this last ditch effort payed off big! She was able to buy her food truck and remodel it into what is now known as Bakin’ Bakery.

Reason 3: Organic and Seasonal

The menu is dictated by the farm. You can find anything from strawberries to spinach, all organic and delicious. Each menu item is designed from what is in season when Renee picks her vegetables.

Reason 4: TLC

The love and work put into each dish is unmeasurable. Renee spends countless hours weeding, picking and watering everything on the farm. She truly puts as much effort into the growing of her ingredients as she does into the cooking of her dishes.

Reason 5: Savory/Sweet

You don’t have to choose between savory and sweet! At Bakin’ Bakery you can have delicious pulled pork pot stickers for lunch and a semi-sweet chocolate tart for dessert. No matter what type of meal you are craving, Bakin’ Bakery has a dish for you.

Bakin’ Bakery truly embraces the philosophy of farm-to-table, or in our case: farm-to-office! Find their menu here.

About Ryan

Ryan Dix is the Denver Foodee Summer Intern. When he isn't playing hockey and lacrosse you can find hime taking on the Foodee15 challenge like a champ! #gainz

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