37 Tips to ease back to work from the holidays

Sam Milbrath
By Sam Milbrath
December 19, 2018

Happy New Year foodies! We hope you had a wonderful winter holiday.

Many of us are back to work and reeling from the holiday spoils of December and New Year’s Eve. You’re physically present among your colleagues, but are you emotionally and mentally present? Are you happy to be back, well-rested and rearing to tackle workplace challenges?

If not, what can you do to ease back to work? This blog post aims to help you move along from the shock of being back to work to getting back to your usual, productive speed and beyond.

We’ll look at tips for alleviating the stress and pressure of week one, week two and one month back to work after your relaxing vacation (no matter what time of year it may be, really).

Tips for easing back into work and productivity-mode after vacation

Week-one of being back-to-work after the holidays:

Tips to ease back to work from the holidays

1. Give yourself a few buffer days before heading back to the office (if you can)

2. Strategically plan when you’ll remove your first-line of defense (ie. your out-of-office emailer)

3. Take mindful breaks during the day to recharge

4. Bring in holiday treats for yourself or to share

5. Give yourself space to be quiet and alone with your thoughts—and to reflect on your vacation

6. Sip on hot cocoa, pressed coffee or holiday teas while you tackle your inbox

7. Bring in delicious holiday leftovers, cookies, teas and candies to treat yourself

8. Tackle your inbox in stages

9. Schedule a refresher meeting with yourself or your team

10. Start with low-hanging fruit projects

11. Avoid broadcasting that you’re back until you’ve conquered your inbox and feel ready for more

12. Don’t overcommit and take on too much—and too many hours—that will erase the work your vacation did on your health, wellness and happiness

13. Consider postponing health and wellness challenges until your work groove’s back

14. Plan social activities for after work

15. Check out your local food scene for lunch—and make plans to try new restaurants near your office

16. Prioritize tasks and only tackle the high-priority emails and action items right away

17. See how your teammates holidays went and check-in to see how they’re doing—you’re all in this together

Week-two of being back in the office after vacation:

Tips to ease back to work from the holidays

18. Keep your home festive and cozy for as long as you can—and then do a clean sweep to declutter and tidy your space

19. Declutter, reorganize and revive your workspace

20. Plan a back-to-work lunch with friends or colleagues

21. Take advantage of your fresh (and refreshed) perspective on tasks

22. Organize your calendar for the month

23. Treat your team by ordering treats, snacks, drinks or food for your next meeting

24. Take breaks to go outside, window shop, grab a coffee or skype with friends and family—just like you would have over the holidays

25. Set the mood of your desk with lights, music, scents, arrangement and plants—feng shui goes a long way

26. Listen to your body and be kind to yourself—if your computer is giving you a headache, consider switching up mediums, going for a walk or collaborating in person

27. Start dreaming of and planning your next vacation

Once your back-to-work groove kicks in:

Tips to ease back to work from the holidays

28. Consider organizing a workplace health and wellness challenge among team members to boost morale and keep everyone active and healthy

29. Organize a team event that everyone can partake in and get excited for

30. Start goal setting and career and project planning for what you want to achieve this year—and tick off the first few steps

31. Get serious about your New Year’s resolutions, but be kind and realistic

32. Find a good balance that works for you between work, family, personal, hobby and social time

33. Tackle projects that you’ve always wanted to conquer and use your refreshed perspective to give new meaning to ongoing or current projects

34. Reach out to people in your company who may want to collaborate or connect

35. Take time to reflect on how far you’ve come this year and where you want to go

36. Use evenings and weekends to your advantage and act as if they’re mini holidays

37. Find little reasons to celebrate in your office and socialize with your team

Good luck!

Sam Milbrath

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Sam Milbrath is a freelance copywriter and content marketer. When she isn’t writing for brands, she's working on her first novel or exploring nature. Check out her work at www.sammilbrath.com

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