33 Employee engagement ideas for the summer

Sam Milbrath
By Sam Milbrath
August 7, 2018

Did you know that only 29 percent of the workforce is engaged? Plus, 26 percent are actively disengaged. But, you’re in luck, because summer offers so many outdoor activities and perfect opportunities to reconnect, socialize with and engage with your workforce. Perhaps you’ll even attract great new talent in the meantime by sharing your summer activities and showcasing your awesome corporate culture.

33 Employee engagement ideas for the summer

Besides, improving employee engagement rates pays off: a 5-point increase in employee engagement is linked to a 3 percent increase in revenue. And happy employees get stuff done. They’re more motivated, productive and focused—and that’s highly contagious in any workforce. So, without further adieu, here are our top suggestions for engaging your team this season.

33 Employee engagement ideas for the summer

  1. Host a picnic in the park
  2. Go to a baseball game
  3. Have a beach, lake or pool day
  4. Go out for team ice cream
  5. Host a summer sports and team-building day
  6. Go for a morning or after work hike
  7. Host your next meeting in the park
  8. Volunteer together as a team
  9. Start a work garden
  10. Go for team workouts in the park
  11. Offer fresh summer fruits and vegetables in the office (hello, watermelon!)
  12. Host morning outdoor yoga sessions
  13. Host a team talent show at the end of the summer
  14. Have a team birthday party with cake
  15. Start an after-work sports team
  16. Go on a team outing to something fun (waterslides? fishing?)
  17. Host an outdoor hackathon
  18. Go to a summer camp for the weekend
  19. Create summer team t-shirts together (tie-dye session?)
  20. Start a team bike group
  21. Have a team BBQ (or order BBQ catering)
  22. Encourage employees to take summer vacations for personal time
  23. Play office games to get to know team members
  24. Encourage employees to go for ice cream and get to know each other
  25. Start an employee suggestion box for ways to boost engagement
  26. Start a summer book club
  27. Go on a team camping trip
  28. Rent kayaks and canoes with the team
  29. Have a watermelon eating contest
  30. Launch a summer culture photo contest
  31. Go stargazing with the team at night
  32. Have a bonfire and make smores
  33. Create an outdoor treasure hunt

33 Employee engagement ideas for the summer

Summer is a great time to promote the health and wellbeing of your company, plus encourage social and collaborative activities. Because, as we mentioned in our previous post on the importance of organizational culture, being able to work together as a team is a company’s biggest asset. So why not spend some of your business’ downtime reinforcing the foundations of your company and have some fun in the process? When the busy season starts back up, your team will be refreshed, happy and ready to jump into full productivity mode.

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