3 Steps to Achieve The Best Photos of Your Food for Instagram


3 Steps to Achieve The Best Photos of Your Food for Instagram

Kiara Woods
By Kiara Woods
July 21, 2016

As of June 2016, there are approximately 500 million active users on Instagram. It seems like you can’t touch the Explore tab without seeing a mouth-watering burger or a few scoops of your city’s tastiest ice cream. Some people call it an epidemic and some of us call it the greatest thing to happen to the Internet.

A wise man once said “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” so here are the 3 steps to achieve Instagram food-ography greatness.

Step 1: Get Your Friends Involved

Get your friends involved Food photos on Instagram

A very prominent (or completely made up) scientist did a study and the results were astonishing: 100% of photographs that include a mysterious hand result in at least 10 more Instagram likes.

Do you have any Rolex-owning friends? Friends with a fresh manicure? Hand tattoos? Invite them over for dinner every single night. We aren’t making this stuff up, people. Get Johnny, Sally or Sue to reach for that slice of bread, but do not let them move until you capture that “candid” and beautiful moment when hand and food meet.

And remember: never include their face.

Step 2: The Angle

The Angle Food photos on Instagram

It’s all about the angle. Sure, you can’t see really see what that burger or chicken sandwich truly looks like from an overhead shot, but that’s not the point. The point is that the overhead shot trumps everything else unless an ice cream cone is involved.

It might feel strange at first standing up beside the waiter directly after he sits the food down, but it is always worth it.

Step 3: Background

Step 3: Background Food photos on Instagram

If it isn’t a city landscape, your white sheets or a wooden table, immediately stop what you’re doing because you’ve already lost.

You’d be surprised to know that much of your success as an Instagram Food Photographer is based on things outside of the actual food. For example, the background. No one cares if your doughnut is mediocre if the Eiffel Tower is right there behind it. And nobody will second guess the deliciousness of that Iced Caramel Vanilla Latte when you’re drinking it on a restored farm style wooden table.

The most important thing to remember here is that anything can be considered artsy when held in front of something that actually is artsy.  

icecreams Food photos on Instagram

Bottom line is that if your photo didn’t receive at least four comments that say “holy yum” and three *heart eye emoji* comments, you did it wrong.

Find out if Instagram Food-ography wound up on our list of the 6 Food Trends We Want to Say Goodbye to.

Kiara Woods

About Kiara

Kiara Woods is an Account Executive in Atlanta, GA. She is a self proclaimed Food Photographer that doesn’t own a camera outside of her shattered iPhone 6.

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