25 best foods for your office Christmas party

This post was updated in November 2019.

So you’re in charge of organizing your office’s Christmas party. Now what?

Well, we’ve written a post on the ten tips to get you through the holiday season. But what about the Christmas cookies, holiday treats and winter foods that we all crave this time of year? What foods are a must at every workplace holiday party—no matter the occasion, really?

You’re in luck, because here are our top 25 best foods for your upcoming office Christmas party. Plus, we’ve thrown in a few tips on where to order each depending on where your office is.

25 foods for your office Christmas Party

1. Cupcakes, cupcakes and more cupcakes. They’re the perfect one-bite snack at any party. Go for Christmas-coloured cupcakes like red velvet alcohol-infused cupcakes. Order from Delights by Dawn bakery, Atlanta or Yours Truly Cupcake, Denver.

2. Bruschetta. Toasted crostinis with tomatoes and olive oil works at any party, especially when there’s a platter of them—sharing style. Order from 360 Uno Pizzeria, Austin.

3. Antipasti board platters. Eat your fill of vitamins and minerals with a variety of seasonal vegetables arranged beautifully. Order from Bellina Alimentari, Atlanta.

4. Cakes. Nothing says Christmas party treats like a moist, beautifully decorated cake. Try Bailey’s spice cake for those workplaces that allow alcohol. Order from Delights by Dawn bakery, Atlanta or T & Cakes, Boulder.

5. Chicken wings. Looking for a party-sized platter of hot chicken wings? What meat-eater isn’t? Order the smoked jumbo BBQ chicken wings with sides from DBA BBQ, Atlanta.

6. Ice cream sandwiches. It might be cold outside, but hopefully, things are heating up at your holiday party. Ice cream sandwiches are not only delicious, but they’re also party-friendly as they tend to make things a little less messy. Order from Mister, Vancouver.

7. Christmas cocktail fixings. For those offices that allow it, why not order in some Bailey’s for your coffees or vodka to concoct the perfect holiday drink? Order from Blueprint, Vancouver.

8. Beet salad. Beets are welcome on any salad, especially around the holidays. They add a beautiful colour pop against any greens, plus they’re very good for you. Order from Kale Me Crazy, Highlands, Denver.

9.Cookies. A classic dozen—or two, or three—belongs on every Christmas party table, especially if they’re gingerbread people. Order from Cookies of Course, Vancouver.

Foodee christmas party

10. Doughnuts. These are like every Christmas party planner’s best friend. Everyone loves doughnuts, especially when diets fly out the window for the holidays. Order from Bougies Donuts and Coffee, Austin or Cartems, Vancouver.

11. Mini empanadas. Okay, this is fairly specific. But, let’s be honest, any baked treat that’s easy to eat and full of delicious, spicy meat or vegetables is welcome at my party table. Order from Lazo Empanadas, Denver.

12. Sushi. Sushi is the perfect party favour. The rice fills people up, there’s a wide variety of vegetarian and fish options for everyone and they’re super easy to eat at a party. Check, check, check. Order from Hapa Sushi, Boulder, Hapa Sushi Grill, Denver or Daddy’s Kitchen, Vancouver.

13. Macarons. These sweet treats come in all colours and flavours. Go for an assortment that will satisfy everyone in your office. Order from Nadege, Toronto or Butter Avenue, Toronto.

14. Meat and vegetable skewers. Meat and veggies on a stick are easy to dunk and eat at any party, especially for the holidays. Order from Chopped and Skewered, Austin.

15. Candied popcorn. Salty and sweet… need I say more? Just be sure to order enough. Order from Reel Popcorn in Austin or Toronto Popcorn Company, Toronto.

16. Cold-pressed juices and smoothies. Hydrate your office with something other than alcohol this holiday season. Plus, there are so many fruit and vegetable juice combinations that you could order an assortment. Then everyone’s happy. Order from Greenhouse Juice Co, Toronto or Blended for you, Vancouver.

17. BBQ sandwich buffet. Have your guests make their own BBQ meat sandwich, grab a side of slaw, beans and mac n’ cheese. I’ll bet that “thing they had to do” on the night of your work party can suddenly wait… Order from KT’s BBQ, Boulder.

18. Pizza. This timeless party dish comes in all sizes, flavours and has toppings for everyone. Order from Pizzarev, Boulder or Assembli, Toronto.

19. Chocolate. The perfect Christmas treat for everyone in the office. Go nuts on an assortment of chocolates. They’ll all be gone in no time. Order from Deiter’s Chocolate, Denver.

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20. Fresh loaves of bread. What cheese and meat platter doesn’t come with fresh cut bread and crackers? Go ahead and get a sourdough for the team. Order from Rebel Bread, Denver.

21. Meat and vegetable pies. Just like the empanadas, these are like little pockets of delicious hearty stews, wrapped up in crispy dough. Yum. Order from Pie Commission, Toronto or Aussie Pie Guy, Vancouver.

22. Greek salad, family-style. Fresh, crunchy vegetables always go well with feta and olives. Order from Cameli’s Pizza Joint, Atlanta.

23. Beer. For all those office parties that are allowed (or willing) to serve alcohol, beer is an absolute must. Go ahead and let loose a bit. You’ve worked hard all year. Order from 33 Acres, Vancouver or Postmark Brewing, Vancouver.

24. Nut mix. Sweet, salty, spicy or savoury. You choose. Or just get them all. Maple pecans, salty peanuts, peppery cashews, you name it. They’re the perfect snack to go along with any holiday cocktails. Just double check that no one’s allergic. Order from The Nut Merchant, Vancouver.

25. Charcuterie meat and cheese board. This is the ultimate holiday party platter and can be easily made up with a collection of cheeses, meats, crackers, fruits, and nuts.

Still can’t decide on what your party needs? We also partner with places like Pantry Catering in Toronto and The Common Cafe Catering in Vancouver that have holiday menus available per person. You could go for the roast turkey dinner, for example, with stuffing, cranberry sauce, roasted root vegetables, gravy and so on. Or, go for it all and order the artisan cheese board appetizers, dinner, and dessert.

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