24 Ideas to celebrate Administrative Professional Day

Sam Milbrath
By Sam Milbrath
April 2, 2019

Administrative Professional Day is an annual celebration of the hard work that your admin team, secretaries, receptions and support staff do every single day. That said, everyone at your company should be acknowledged and appreciated daily for the work they do. But, Wednesday, April 24, 2019—and the week surrounding it—is a time when your leadership and colleagues should show special thanks for Administrative Professional Day.

Your administrative team is behind the scenes, working tirelessly to ensure that your office runs smoothly, looks great and reflects your culture. They’re the first impression of your office and its customer service excellence. They often have their finger on the pulse on employee happiness and company culture or human resource issues. Administrative Professionals organize events, manage health and wellness programs, order daily office meals, manage office supplies, equipment and facilities. They communicate important information throughout your company, ensure that guests are looked after, organize vendors, handle administrative documents and files, onboard new staff and coordinate meetings, events, calendars, phones, and emails.

Take the week—and beyond—to consider and show your appreciation for the hard work administrative professionals in your office do for you and your company.

24 Ideas to celebrate Administrative Professional Day

1. Order a celebratory office meal for your admin team from Foodee

2. Order in cupcakes, donuts, cookies, and treats for admin day

3. Celebrate by ordering in a delicious, made-from-scratch cake

4. Take your administrative professionals out to their favorite lunch spot

5. Buy a beautiful teacup and fill it with different, delicious tea types

Administrative Professional Day

6. Get them a box of handmade chocolates

7. Get them a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant

8. Order in Happy Hour drinks and snacks to celebrate with the team

9. Let them take the afternoon off—or go home early for the week

10. Bring in coffee and treats every morning for the week

Administrative Professional Day

11. Get everyone in the office to write something they appreciate about the admin team

12. Find out what they like to do outside of work and get them a gift related to that

13. Give the gift of a great pen and crisp pad of paper

14. Get a calendar made with photographs of the admin team and company over the years

15. Throw a surprise party for your administrative professional at the office

16. Buy great local coffee and gift it in a personal coffee mug

Administrative Professional Day

17. Give them a gift certificate to treat themselves to whatever office supplies would make their daily work life better—like a standup desk

18. Organize a team yoga, spin or meditation class for them

19. Organize a team outing for an afternoon of team bonding

20. Make a reservation at a local breakfast or brunch spot and treat your administrative professional

Administrative Professional Day

21. Find out what would make their work life easier (or what’s stressing them out) and commit to solving the problem for them

22. Give them a gift certificate to their favorite clothing store—to buy themselves something nice

23. Bring in an office plant or potted spring flowers and get everyone in the office to sign an accompanying card

24. Give them an annual bonus or raise that arrives on Administrative Professional Day

Don’t forget to acknowledge the hard work that every team member contributes to your company every single day. While sometimes, a simple and heartfelt thank you suffices, other times, it’s great to do a little bit more to celebrate.  

Happy Admin Day to all of our readers!

Sam Milbrath

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