How to be happy this spring in 18 simple ways

Spring is a great time to start fresh. Nature does it and so can we. While sometimes it can be hard to shake our winter blues, the spring equinox is a great day to set as day one in our journey on how to be happy.

Here are 18 things you can start doing now in order to be happy—and fully embrace the spring—and all the change that comes with the new season. These steps should help you move into a motivated, happier, mindful and more successful state of being.

How to be happy this spring in 18 simple ways

Plant a garden

Nothing says spring quite like a budding plant, especially one that you planted. Local gardeners are pulling on their gloves, dusting off their tools and laying down new soil. And there’s no reason you can’t join in (find a patio, local green space, friend’s yard, or community garden if you don’t have space). Get your hands dirty and grow your own food from scratch. It’s very rewarding to help something grow.

Jump on your bike

If the sun’s out, ditch your car or commuter bus and ride your bike to work. Not only will you get some fresh air and exercise, but the environment will also thank you for it. That’s one less car on the road. Plus, having a bit of fresh spring air on your cheeks will do your health and happiness wonders.

Go for a walk in nature

When you’re surrounded by skyrise buildings and very little green space, it’s hard to recognize a change of seasons. But if you go to a meadow, the mountains, a beach, or a forest—basically anywhere in nature—it’s clear that spring is here. Enjoy the meditative sounds, smells and sights of nature. It will help put all of your stress in perspective.

Do a spring clean on your home and workspace

Winter is a time for cozy hoarding. It’s when we eat heavier foods and bundle up with our favourite items. But spring gives us a chance to shake off the dust bunnies and start fresh. After all, a clean home is a happy home. Open your windows, purge yourself of unnecessary items and lighten your home and workspace.

Try something new

Spring is a great time to say yes—especially when you’re searching for ways on how to be happy. You spent the winter inside and are more than ready to take action. Why not join a class that you’ve always wondered about or volunteer at the local charity you walk by every day?

Start a lunch group at work

Try organizing something social with your colleagues—you probably spend most of your time with them anyway. Why not meet once a week for a social lunch? You could even order a fun, local team meal right to your office (we can help you there). Take it to the park if it’s a nice sunny day and bring a picnic blanket. Share a laugh.

Do something social

Being around friends and the people you love is a great way to boost your happiness. If you have a big group of friends, why not organize a monthly potluck hangout? Or go for a friend date or to a work-related social event and put yourself out there. Some people get energy from being around other people (who knows, maybe you do too).

Lighten your workspace

Sitting in a dark, cluttered space in the winter might have been fine, but now that it’s spring try to refresh your workspace. Rid yourself of the papers, books and garbage on your desk, or tuck it away. Give yourself some breathing room—even if that means opening or moving closer to a window.

Do something nice for someone

Giving back or doing something nice for someone is the quickest way to make yourself feel good (it may sound selfish, but it’s far from). If you don’t know what to do for someone, go look at a charity that you’ve always wanted to contribute to, and contribute. Or tell a colleague or partner just how much you appreciate all their hard work. Sometimes it’s the little things that count on finding your path on how to be happy. If all else fails, do something nice for you.

Bring home flowers

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been eyeing those Easter-colored tulips, hyacinths and daffodils at the flower shops lately. Why not bring home some fresh spring flowers for yourself or your partner? They smell great and will make you want to have a nice clean home around them. Another great way to enliven your home and workspace is with plants. Many of them even clean and refresh the air around them.

Try a new workout routine

Shake off your hibernation weight with a new workout routine. Nothing gets your endorphins flowing quite like a good sweat. You’ll thank yourself after.

Sleep with your windows open

Listen to the spring rain and breathe in the crisp, fresh air by sleeping with your windows open. It could also help you get a better, more full sleep, which is key to finding happiness.

Stop to smell the flowers

Make a habit of nice, small things in life, like stopping to smell the flowers. It offers a meditative moment that will help bring you back to the present. Plus, some of them smell, look and feel beautiful. Watch the bees at work on the pollen, while you’re there.

Walk to work

Make a routine of walking to work. It will help you wake up slowly, give you exercise and fresh air and you’ll finally have a moment to your thoughts. Also, for your next team meeting or weekly check-in, why not go for a walk together outside?

Go to the farmers market

Knowing which local foods are in season—and when—is made easy at a local farmer’s market. Plus, it’s a real community event. Why not bring your friends, do something social, support local growers and eat better, local produce? Win win.

Try a new local restaurant

Now that the weather is a little bit better, venture outside and check out the latest local restaurants everyone’s been talking about. You can try something new, support local and reconnect with your city all in one go. As a Foodee side note, you can also have the best local eats in your city delivered directly to your office for any team meal, event or meeting.

Set new goals for the season

Realistically, not all of your New Year’s resolutions came to fruition. But why not use the change of seasons as an opportunity to set new goals and reflect on what you did accomplish? Don’t be too hard on yourself, but know that some goals are goals for a reason. Perhaps this is something you’ve always wanted to do, but resistance keeps getting in your way. Now is the time to take what you want. Goal number one: find out what makes you happy.

Reconnect with your colleagues and teams at work

While winter is often the time for vacations and heads-down kind of work, spring is just the opposite. Like the nodding flowers outside, we all lift our heads from our computer screens and look around. Take this moment to re-establish bonds with your teammates. Why not go on a team outing, share a meal, or have a learning moment together?

Take the reigns and make moves this season. You got this.

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