The 12 best holiday food gifts for clients

Sam Milbrath
By Sam Milbrath
December 6, 2018

It’s time to start sending out holiday gifts and cards to your best clients, top referrers and loyal customers. They’ve supported you and your business throughout the year and it’s the perfect time to say a special thanks to all those who stand out.

And because we’re in the business of good food, here are the 12 best holiday food gifts for clients—we’re talking cookies, coffees, cakes and wine.

12 best food holiday gifts for clients

1. Homemade Christmas cookies

Whether homemade by you and your kids (or team for a great team-building opportunity!) or purchased from a local bakery or sweet shop, Christmas cookies are a sure-fire way to show how much you appreciate someone’s business over the year(s). Find a festive tin or little basket and fill it with freshly baked goods. If you’re looking for something easier, Foodee delivers delicious cookies from many local bakeries right to your (or your clients’) office.

12 best holiday food gifts for your clients

2. Christmas doughnuts

Let’s face it. Every time of year is a good time for freshly baked doughnuts—especially when they’re dripping in maple syrup. We’re dreaming of maple-glazed fluffy doughnuts, crunchy and sweet apple fritters and oozy jam-filled frosted or candy-cane-topped doughnuts. Sounds and looks deliciously festive and will surely brighten up the faces of your lucky client’s team members.

3. Candies

No Christmas at any office would be complete without an endless bowlful of candies. Plus, the world’s your oyster when it comes to candy-related gifts for clients. You could go the classic root with candy canes, sugary mints and red and white bonbons, or try something new from your local sweet shop. Who knows, your client may have a secret sweet tooth or favourite candy that you could discover with a little digging.

12 best holiday food gifts for your clients

4. Chocolate

Here’s one fool-proof holiday gift for clients idea. Gourmet or not, you can never go wrong with chocolate—and this time of year sees an influx of the delicious stuff. Need help finding a local chocolatier? Check out which of our sweet partners delivers holiday food gifts to your client’s office directly.

5. Nut mix

Chestnuts roasting on an open fire is a classic winter scene—and perhaps you can recreate the feeling with gourmet nut mixes. Throw a festive nutcracker in with the nuts and you have the perfect, albeit somewhat cheeky, gift. Or, go for a bag of caramel popcorn, write a nice card and you’re (hopefully) set for another great year with your client or partner.

6. Wine or cider (and fixings for mulled wine or hot cider)

If your clients drink, why not send a festive cider, warming red or sparkling white wine? They can take it home to share with their loved ones or celebrate the season with teammates. If your budget is a little tight with year-end almost here, why not get a cheaper wine and throw in the fixings to make cinnamon mulled wine?

12 best holiday food gifts for your clients

7. Food gift baskets

You can really go wild with food gift baskets. Many grocery stores and Foodee partners have them for sale this time of year. They’re beautiful, easy to ship and fun to unpack and try the goodies inside. Look for a dried fruit, nuts and chocolate basket, holiday appetizers basket with cheeses, crackers, olives, canned meats and so on, or order a sweet-treats one with chocolates, cookies and candies galore.

8. Coffee or tea set

Give the gift of warmth this season. Every office needs coffee and teas, so why not splurge and branch out from the usual brands and flavours? Go wild with peppermint, warming holiday flavours or rich French roasted coffee. Put it all together in a festive box and ship away!

12 best holiday food gifts for your clients

9. Liquor or their favourite drink fixings

If they’re a very good client or refer many clients to your business, you may be considering spending a little more and gifting them a bottle of scotch, whiskey or spirit they like. Fun drink fixings are always a good pairing if you’re thinking of a spirit like a vodka or gin. For example, find an artisanal bottle of bitters and other drink mixes to go alongside your gift. You may want to check beforehand with someone close to them if they drink and if so, what they like (to save you the time, money and stress of not knowing).

10. Make a donation to a food-related charity in their name

Many charities donate to local food banks and kitchens. Perhaps you can figure out what charity your client supports (or choose your favourite) and donate in their honour. Send them a card letting them know and feel good about giving back to the local community in which you all do business.

11. Happy hour charcuterie board

Why not give the gift of a team holiday get-together at your client’s office? Send them a charcuterie board or basket—to arrive at happy hour—and throw in a few beers, cider or wine, if you wish, and know that you’re supporting team and holiday spirit at another office. This gesture will go a long way.

12 best holiday food gifts for your clients

12. Hot chocolate mixings

Both your clients and their team will love cooking up a warm batch of hot cocoa at their desks. Plus, it’s an easy gift to put together and could either be gourmet or store-bought and still taste great. Why not put some hot chocolate mix, chocolate, cookies and a (nice looking) package of marshmallows into a mug, write a card or tag and send it their way?

Happy holidays!

Sam Milbrath

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